Byte-le Royale is a 12 hour programming competition where competitors in teams of up to 3 write an AI to play a video game. The teams will be competing against each other to see who can create the best AI!


Saturday, January 27th 10am to January 27th 10pm 2024


In person and Online! We'll be streaming on our Twitch Channel and have discussion on our event Discord Server! The in person competition will be held at the QBB on the NDSU campus


Anyone can compete, as long as you are in a team of 3 or less. To keep things fair, non-students are not eligible for prizes and are not considered in the final rankings.


Drive onwards with your team as you plan out each turn! Prove to your fellow competitors that you intend to deliver your team to certain victory!

Once the event starts, you will have 12 hours to write the most capable AI you can. Never forget that planning and analytical skills are essential to resource management. Don't overwork yourselves!

Controlling your agent will be as simple as using a basic Python API, which will allow you to take various actions in the game world.

To be prepared for the competition, make sure to have Python 3.11 installed on your computer. We will be able to provide limited aid installing Python on Windows and Linux. While it may function, we do not have resources to support Mac, and cannot provide any assistance (though look into Mac's homebrew application). We will not be able to provide computer facilities on campus.

Once the event starts, a link will be added here that will allow competitors to access the documentation for the game and its API.


This is a meritocracy, so of course we have prizes. We will be offering prizes to the top three teams who compete (once we collect donations).

We will be splitting the prizes roughly 55%, 30%, 15% for undergradutes. Any other standing that is not of undergraduate will not be eligible for prizes. Any prizes that are not won will be rolled over into the prize pool for next year.

First Place:

$275 per person

Second Place:

$150 per person

Third Place:

$75 per person

We are able to offer prizes thanks to the following businesses and people:

Marvin: $485.06
Anthony Molzahn: $242.28
Sean Hagen: $96.62
Scheels: $96.62
Julia Motzko: $48.06
Gunnar Moody: $144.20
Carson Bring: $96.62
BCBSND: $100
Ian King: $50
Carson Keeping: $100
For a total of $1,500 dollars!

We are deeply humbled by and appreciate your fantastic display of support!

Interested in donating to the event? Please email acm@ndacm.org
We are a non-profit and can provide receipts for your charitable donation.
You can also make a donation here over PayPal.



10 am

Opening Ceremony. Competition Starts.

9:30 pm

Visualizer is shut off

10 pm

Competition End, Submission Deadline


12 Am

Results, closing Ceremony

Competition Results: 2024

Place Team Members
1st 42.zip Amanda Fetzer, Carson Miller, and Dylan Cooksley
2nd Miner Problems Adam Altendorf, Enoch Satrom, and Christopher Tupper
3rd (tie) KillerQueens Elizabeth Glyden, Skyler Skees, and Annwesha Das
3rd (tie) ClosedAI Brennan Gerstner and Matthew Kurtii
Graduate 1st place Old Riley Conlin

Previous games

Byte-le Royale had its first game in 2018, and it has returned yearly to test students with new challenges. Each new problem inspires creative solutions and cooperation to refine solutions.

Here are some of the previous games.


Dungeon Delvers

Guide your team of adventurers through dark dungeons full of traps and monsters to gather treasure! Choose your path, upgrade your equipment and look for monster weaknesses. Just watch out for the falling ceiling!



Market Space

Fly your ship through the sector to mine, trade, or attack other players! Money is all that matters in the end, so do whatever it takes to be the richest!



Disaster Dispatcher

You have just been elected the mayor of your city! Unfortunately, this city is rife with disasters - natural and otherwise. Use your population's manpower and mayoral decrees to keep your city from crumbling.



Traveling Trailsmen

You have just started your job as a truck driver in 2021. Try to make as much money as you can before automation takes your job!




Out gun your oppoents in a fast paced battle royale shooter! Collect money, guns and powerups while avoiding the deadly kill boundary




Mama Mia! Can you cook the best pizza's faster than the competition? Move, fetch ingredients and cook a pizza as fast as you can before it expires. This kitchen is only big enough for the best!



Quarry Rush

Welcome to your first day at Church Inc. or Turing Co. as a robotics specialist! Mine more ores than your opponent in the core of the planet using whatever means necessary. Prioritize profits above all else!