Byte-le Royale is a 24 hour programming competition where competitors in teams of up to 3 write an AI to play a video game. The teams will be competing against each other to see who can create the best AI!


Saturday, February 9th at 11:30 AM to Sunday, February 10th at ~2:00 PM


Quentin Burdick Building, Room 104


Anyone can compete, as long as you are in a team of 3 or less. To keep things fair, non-students are not eligible for prizes and are not considered in the final rankings.


Set out with your fellow competitors to accumulate the most wealth. Exploit, steal, or earn an honest living to gain more income over the course of a match than any other team.

Once the event starts, you will have 24 hours to write an AI capable of making you into a new-age Rockefeller. Never forget that sleep, planning, and analytical skills are essential to a successful business venture. Get plenty of sleep!

Controlling your agent will be as simple as using a basic Python API, which will allow you to take various actions in the game world.

To be prepared for the competition, make sure to have Python 3.7 installed on your computer. We will be able to provide limited aid installing Python on Windows and Linux. While it may function, we do not support Mac, and cannot provide any assistance (though look into Mac's homebrew application). We will not be able to provide computer facilities, so please bring your own.

Once the event starts, a link will be added here that will allow competitors to access the documentation for the game and its API.

Here is a link -> to the GitHub repository of the game's source code.


This is a meritocracy, so of course we have prizes. We will be offering prizes to the top three teams who compete.

We are still collecting donations for the prize pool, currently we have $560 for prizes which we will be splitting 55%, 30%, 15%.

First Place:

$102.66 per person

Second Place:

$56 per person

Third Place:

$28 per person

We are able to offer prizes thanks to the following businesses and people:

Dr. Anne Denton - $300
Dr. Ken Magel - $20
Sir Matthew Fevold - $100
Dr. Kendall E. Nygard - $20
James Walsh - $20
Joe Latimer - $20

Interested in donating to the event? Please email acm@ndacm.org
We are a non-profit and can provide receipts for your charitable donation.
You can also make a donation here over PayPal.



11:30 AM

Registration opens.

12:00 PM

Opening Ceremony. Competition Starts.

5:00 PM

Food ticket purchase cutoff.

6:00 PM

Food ticket: Pizza Dinner.

8:00 PM

Food ticket: Goody-Bag Distribution.

9:00 PM

Bottle Royale.


10:30 AM

Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.

12:00 PM

Submissions Close. Judging begins.

2:00 PM

Closing Ceremony and Awarding Winners.

RSVP and Food Tickets


In order to better judge how many people will be attending, we would like to encourage everyone who plans on attending to RSVP. Attendance of the event is 100% free. We will, however, be offering a food ticket package. Additionally, to save time, you can RSVP up to three people (the max number of people in a team) at one time.

You can RSVP at the Eventbrite page found here.

Food Tickets

At the event from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday, we will be selling $10 food ticket packages. This food ticket package will include 3 food tickets redeemable for the two meals listed on the schedule, as well as a goody bag that may consist of: Chips/Crackers, Candy bars, Cans of Pop, Cookies. All perfect things to keep your blood-sugar levels high, and keep you pumped up.

Our intent is not to make a profit, so all money not spent on meals will go towards filling those goody-bags.

Competition Results


Team Name Credits
Chaotic Neutral Lambs 60540194
Tabs vs Spaces 31347813.6563267
Hooligans 26712160
Jelli- 5668152.0
-Boi 86004
Team Rocket 55750
daddy latty 2000
Generic Team Name Broken Code

Sorry to the teams that missed the submission window.