Attribute Error: <object> has no attribute ‘<attribute>

This error can occur if you try to call a value or method that does not exist for the given object. Make sure you’re spelling the attribute properly, and check the API to make sure that the attribute actually exists.

Game running at ? turns/s 1585af66-6e4a-4576-9367-66dcc850d5f2 failed to reply in time and has been dropped

This error will occur when your client runs out of time on a given turn to complete its turn. This often occurs when there are too many print statements, any infinite loops, or other time-delaying functions.

My team_name/city_name/city_type aren’t appearing! What do I do?

This error is probably caused by the corresponding function not appearing, or the function is being named incorrectly. Make sure the functions ‘team_name’, ‘city_name’, and ‘city_type’ are being named properly and returned the values you want them to return.